About us

Eightwire is a global company based in New Zealand.

Data-sharing applications built on the Eightwire Data Exchange Platform automate complex data exchange processes so your teams can collaboratively share data across enterprise boundaries securely with control.

Proven as large enterprises and governments worldwide, Eightwire helps you deliver greater business impact sooner, slash costs via optimized data-sharing processes, and build stronger relationships where everyone wins. 

Three Reasons Organisations Choose Eightwire

Automated Data Exchange Processes: Sharing data across enterprises is complicated, and legacy data exchange methods and tools leave many gaps. Eightwire automates complex, cross-enterprise data exchange processes from negotiation through renewal. With Eightwire, one platform powers all your feeds, processes, tools, and teams. And Eightwire scales with you to ensure highly reliable operations as your workloads grow. 

Team-Driven: Data sharing across enterprise boundaries is a team sport that can be difficult to win. With Eightwire, your data-sharing agreements drive everyone and everything. Role-based capabilities empower diverse roles, including business analysts, product managers, developers, operators, and security staff. And Eightwire provides the necessary visibility to improve cooperation across internal and external teams. 

Secure and Controlled: Unfortunately, bad things might happen when data crosses enterprise boundaries. Eightwire protects you, with governance and security built into every step. Eightwire authentication, authorization, and encryption secure both parties’ proprietary data, while privacy and consent controls protect sensitive data.

Meet our Team

Bill English

Director, Board

Kate Hyndman

Chairperson, Board

Jason Gleason

CEO, Founder & Director

Andy Ellis

Head of Product – Healthcare

Gavin Connell-Otten

Head of Engineering

Mark Watson

Customer Support Analyst

Ernesto Garcia


Ruel Belmonte



Good things happen when you share data across enterprise boundaries. But business and technology complexities can make this seem an impossible task. Eightwire teams with system integrators, solution providers, and resellers to bring value-add capabilities and competencies that remove these barriers.


Why reinvent the wheel whenever you need to share data? Let us show you how the Eightwire platform and applications can help you deliver more business impact, slash costs, and build stronger relationships where everyone wins.