Accelerating compliance in the financial services sector

Jason Gleason

Data sheet

The financial services industry faces many challenges to fully realise their data delivery potential in the face of managing complex financial information.

Eightwire automates the exchange of information between business systems

We know that using data to meet regulatory requirements and improve business performance creates a major challenge. Working across geographic borders, meeting security and privacy requirements while reducing capital costs is often an impossible task. Eightwire’s automated data exchange allows you to connect and exchange data from any system, anywhere in the world without requiring large teams of coders.

For compliance reporting, this means data from any customer or product system can be aggregated into data reporting platforms for regulators. For KYC and AML requirements, you can exchange data across customer systems without needing to build API gateways or manually extracting information. Finally, for performance analytics, digging out critical information from across product silos can improve the ROI of AI and predictive analytics.

Leverage government-certified security out of the box

Eightwire does just one thing: secure and private data exchange. We are certified for SENSITIVE (personally-identifiable) and RESTRICTED (national security) classified information.

As a trusted data exchange platform, Eightwire cannot see your data and it will only move between your internal systems and specified third parties. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit and is protected by two separate chains of trust.

Meeting ongoing compliance requirements

We understand the daunting levels of reporting and analysis required by your local industry bodies. The Eightwire Data Delivery Service ensures that your reporting requirements are set up with minimal effort needed by your team, and automated to ensure cost effective delivery of mandated data sets, whenever required.

Increasingly, banks are faced with mounting compliance demands, and daunting levels of reporting and analysis to industry bodies.

Whether you need a hybrid cloud application or an on-site Data Delivery Service, we automate our data algorithms with privacy and security features that meet government mandated requirements.

More about us

Eightwire’s Data Delivery Service is driving a transformation in the healthcare sector. With an innovative approach to balance technical speed with security and privacy by design, Eightwire is delivering data from doctors to health networks, to secondary/ tertiary care, to government regulators. The healthcare and social services are Eightwire’s core business with over 3.5 billion data records delivered every month. Delivering over 4,000 records per second through Eightwire’s secure data exchange, allows the sector to deliver interoperability and analytics projects in 50% of the time required. With a presence in NZ, Australia, and Singapore, Eightwire is transforming healthcare across APAC.

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