Code-free Digital Transformation with Error Correction

Jason Gleason

Case Study

Client Snapshot:

Resene Paints is a multinational paint manufacturer based in New Zealand. The company, established in 1946, has manufacturing operations in Australia and Fiji and local production plants in Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Auckland. Resene products extend through a full range of paint and specialist coatings for residential and commercial buildings, marine, heavy industrial, road marking, automotive and agricultural use.

Internationally Resene has established a reputation as an innovative and technological leader and the company is often reported as one of New Zealand’s business success stories.

The Problem

Resene had seen an opportunity to build a cloud-hosted application to assist their customers with generating estimates of paint volumes and other consumables needed for projects. The application is hosted on SQL Azure, with development and test environments run from on-site servers in their headquarters. Resene were faced with two options for integrating their environments: using SQL Server Integration Services or the Eightwire Data Exchange.

The Approach

A Resene developer selected the Eightwire Data Exchange to:

  • Create two data stores, a local test database, and a cloud production database.
  • Build three processes:
    1. merge master data from test to production
    2. merge customer-generated data from production to test
    3. push application logs to test and clear out the production logs

The Benefits

Initially, Resene were considering using SSIS to merge and synchronise data between their environments. This was scoped to take ten days to build and was estimated to require eight days per year of maintenance and defect fixing. Using Eightwire to handle the integration between on-premises servers and the cloud, their consultant developer was able to construct the entire process in four hours.

Eightwire is able to dynamically fix data errors between systems saving Resene in support costs over the long term. Over the course of the first three months of Resene using Eightwire, nearly 120,000 rows were processed and over 1,000 data errors were fixed automatically without crashing a feed or requiring intervention by Resene staff.

Additional benefits that Resene can realise are the cost-effective migration of its local infrastructure to the cloud. Prior to using Eightwire, the costs of migrating data warehouse, line of business and other systems was simply too expensive for Resene to consider. It can now begin an enterprise wide migration project to move additional IT systems to Azure.

“Using Eightwire’s Data Exchange, our development team was able to reduce a three week development task to four hours.”

Daniel Shannon
Resene Development Team Lead

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