Health Data sharing that just works.

Good things happen when you share data. Eightwire is powerful, flexible, secure, and fast data sharing for organisations.

Healthcare industry-specific features are available now!

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Built Secure

Eightwire is trusted by banks and government agencies to securely share data between enterprises It meets the requirements for RESTRICTED-classified data sharing which is the highest level that an be moved on the public internet.

Blazing Fast

Quick setup and 80% reduction in efforts to integrate on-premise data stores.

Lower Cost

All that is required is a simple 3 step process that can be carried out by developers, business analysts, or data analysis. Our mission is to make it easier for farmers to meet their regulatory requirements.

Trusted to handle high-stakes data

How Eightwire is different

We automate complex exchange processes and provide critical visibility and control over every step.

Deliver more business impact sooner

Shorten the time between contractual agreement and implementation, onboard new organisations and feeds faster, and revise and renew contracts space business change.

Slash costs via optimized data sharing processes

Automate more data exchange requirements, create consistency and scale across organisations and feeds, and avoid failure-to-deliver and consent penalties.

Build stronger relationships where everyone wins

Collaborate professionally within your organisation and across organisational boundaries, act transparently, deliver on your promises, and become easier to do business with.

Scale and proven results

3.5 billion

Data records delivered monthly

4000 records

Delivered securely per second


Faster to implement than comparable solutions

You’ll be in great company

“The increasing regulatory demands on farmers means collecting and managing their data has become a big pain point. It costs the farmer time or money to manage their data and they have very little control over how it is used. EightWire gives control back to the farmer and reduces the pain of managing their data.”

Bill English

“Sharing and leveraging data is vital if New Zealand agriculture wants to benefit from the potential strategic advantage that comes with a transparent and trustworthy environmental reputation. Eightwire is the solution for the Agriculture industry.”

Jason Gleason

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