How Eightwire works with primary healthcare

Jason Gleason

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Link together thousands of teams, practitioners, and departments without changing systems. Eightwire can deliver data for consolidated analytics and interoperability while maintaining the highest privacy and security requirements.

Automating the exchange of information between data systems

Given timely access to data across the sector, healthcare providers can lead major improvements in patient management.
The ability to stitch together information from GPs, Networks, Specialists, and the wider social services can deliver on the promise of integrated care. Primary healthcare networks need confidence that there is seamless information sharing between multiple parties, a resilient infrastructure to manage this and the ability to respond in a timely manner.

We’re often asked to help facilitate more flexibility in securely sharing information across the healthcare sector. Eightwire consolidates practice management system data from multiple legacy and SaaS systems, with financial, payment and performance data. This provides primary healthcare networks with near real-time operational decision support.
Eightwire’s ability to automatically deliver information between organisations, integrates care across various providers and can be delivered with minimal disruption to existing processes and systems.

Balancing the need for data privacy and data exchange

We work with some of the most sensitive personal information for individuals in the social and healthcare sectors. Our data delivery controls prevent data leakage and ensure that information is encrypted in transit and at rest. As a result, Eightwire will never see your sensitive patient data. Only the original data owner and end user is authorised to view and use the data that Eightwire delivers.

Data Delivery Service

Our enterprise platform for health organisations that operate in highly complex and secure environments, cannot allow other organisations full access to their data. Eightwire ensures it meets privacy and security by design, for sharing personal, medical and other sensitive data.

Our Data Delivery Service allows:

  • System integration without the need for APIs, manual extracts or other complex technologies.
  • Application of specific data standards such as SNOMED or FHIR to ensure interoperability.
  • Automated error correction for thousands of common data errors to reduce system crashes.
  • Scaling infrastructure that can support national data programmes without loading costs onto GPs and other providers.

We bring data together across entire primary healthcare networks for analytics and collaboration.

Consolidating data across healthcare

Consolidation of this data allows primary healthcare networks to perform flexible and frequent Population Health assessments, GP/Doctor Practice Performance assessments and extract dashboard insights.

Eightwire’s hybrid cloud application combines automated data delivery algorithms with privacy and security features that meet government mandated requirements. With the ability to run in the cloud or on-premises, Eightwire learns from healthcare systems and generates the code needed to move data between them.

More about us

Eightwire’s Data Delivery Service is driving a transformation in the healthcare sector. With an innovative approach to balance technical speed with security and privacy by design, Eightwire is delivering data from doctors to health networks, to secondary/ tertiary care, to government regulators. The healthcare and social services are Eightwire’s core business with over 3.5 billion data records delivered every month. Delivering over 4,000 records per second through Eightwire’s secure data exchange, allows the sector to deliver interoperability and analytics projects in 50% of the time required. With a presence in NZ, Australia, and Singapore, Eightwire is transforming healthcare across APAC.

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