Improving Secure Data Sharing between NGOs and Government

Jason Gleason

Data sheet

Trusted by governments and corporations around the world, data exchange infrastructure reduces the cost and risk of delivering analytics and collaboration programmes.



New Zealand’s Social Investment Agency works across the social sector in partnership with Eightwire to enable the secure sharing of data across government agencies and between NGOs.

Building a cycle of improvement

To identify and deliver what works, the social sector needs data infrastructure that can move data and files between government and non-government service providers with a high level of security and minimal setup effort. The technical and business challenges for the transfer of data need to be met with minimal change management across the sector. Eightwire is delivering the data exchange infrastructure for New Zealand’s social sector.

The Data Exchange

To deliver these gains a data exchange infrastructure that can join together all levels of the social sector is needed. Given broad and timely access to data, social service providers can decide on the best supports for people and act immediately. This requires secure seamless information sharing between government agencies and other social service providers.

Eightwire and the New Zealand Government

Eightwire works closely with New Zealand’s Social Investment Agency to deliver data infrastructure functions. Eightwire has worked closely with government agencies, NGOs and the Social
Investment Agency to deliver a production Data Exchange, a consolidated data model and has expanded use cases to include healthcare, financials and auditing data.

World leading security at scale

Building a data infrastructure has many benefits, but only if the security and risk can be managed. Eightwire meets government information security standards set out in the NZISM for SENSITIVE and RESTRICTED classified information. Every organisation on the network has complete control over their data that is exchanged. Building on existing security protocols, Eightwire includes role-based security access, separation of duty to prevent admins from seeing data and a government certification to handle SENSITIVE-level information.

“Eightwire’s Data Exchange allows organisations to securely exchange data without system changes or additional overhead, across the social sector.”

Dorothy Adams
Chief Executive Social Investment Agency

APAC Growth

Building on their success in New Zealand, Eightwire is rapidly expanding into the APAC market. Its data sharing platform is an ideal off-the-shelf solution for improving government performance through data sharing and analysis. To arrange a meeting with the Eightwire team, contact Jason Gleason at

The Data Exchange operates like a “smart pipe” – data flows through the pipe so only the sending and receiving organisation can access the data. No other parties can see, retain or access any data content at any time.

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