The Easier Way to Share Data

Why reinvent the wheel every time your enterprise needs to share data when you can meet your business and technical needs out-of-the-box?

Fill the Gaps Left by Incomplete Data Exchange Solutions

Technology-centric solutions such as FTP, APIs, and custom-coding, often fail to consider business requirements such as security, scalability, control, and governance. Eightwire provides a complete solution with everything you need to accomplish the job.

Manual processes bound with human glue can be error-prone and often don’t scale. Eightwire automates complex exchange processes and provides critical visibility and control over every step.

Support Your Business Requirements

Business-led from negotiation through renewal

Ensure you meet user access, data sovereignty, governance, auditing, and other business requirements

Deliver faster, then review and renew quickly when the time is right

Overcome Your Technical Challenges

Align your business, technical, and security activities from start to finish

Automate transformation, security, privacy, consent, scale, failover, and other technical requirements

Complete the entire job with less effort

Everything You Need to Share Data from Start to Finish


Turn your business agreements into technical requirements.


Develop, test, and deploy all the connections and transfomations required.


Exercise your feeds reliably, at scale.


Monitor activities and respond quickly if problems arise.

Review & Renew

Keep up-to-date with ever changing business and technical needs.

It’s time to say goodbye to:

Reinventing the wheel with every new data feed

Haphazard approaches to privacy and security

The long term support nightmare

Enjoy how Eightwire helps you to be more:


Your contract agreements and business teams drive technology delivery, not the other way around.


All your data transfers leverage the same methods and technology, making them easier to create and support.


An end-to-end data exchange that integrates management and security capabilities to provide the visibility and control you require.


You always know what’s happening and can highlight and avoid trouble before it hits.

It’s Easy to Get Started


Data Exchange Opportunity Assessment

We meet with your team to assess your data exchange opportunities and challenges, then calculate the value you would gain from using Eightwire to exchange data.


Proof of Concept

We help you test drive Eightwire using your feeds and teams, then gather the results via hard metrics you can use to make your business case.


Business Case

We build your business case with you, capturing initial scope, benefits, and costs.

Contact us to schedule your Opportunity Assessment