Our pricing is designed to meet large enterprise needs for consistency and transparency

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All licenses are tailored directly to your needs and include:

Security by design

Cross network and organisation boundaries as easily as working within your own.


We can train your staff on how to use the exchange as part of the license costs. It usually only takes a few hours and can be done remotely or in-person.


We'll work with your teams to handle the security requirements (we have over 75 Mb of security documents) and insure that you have end-to-end connectivity.

Enterprise support

Support is provided via a dedicated helpdesk, email, or in-app support. We can provide additional consulting services if needed.

Everything you need for a seamless data exchange.

Everything you need for a seamless data exchange.

There is a monthly fixed cost for running the exchange and a fixed up front cost for security assessments, training, and onboarding. Additional integration services can be delivered by our team if needed. The license is ‘all you can eat’ so you don’t need to worry about costs increasing month on month.

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We can easily exchange data between hundreds of systems while maintaining high security standards and with no risk.

New Zealand Government

Replacing our enterprise middle ware took 6 weeks to do and gave us a future proof method to improve systems in the future without breaking the past.

AMP Insurance

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