We have a range of Data Delivery Service pricing models to suit every business.


Data Exchange
$100 - $3,500 Monthly
  • Our multi-tenant platform for any sized organisation hosted on Microsoft Azure.


Data Exchange
Starts at $4,000 Monthly
  • For enterprises that want to keep data processing within their network. We provide the infrastructure to run Eightwire data processing within your data centre tenancy.


Data Exchange
POA Custom
  • Run Eightwire entirely within your organisation without needing access to internet platforms. Ideal for highly sensitive financial, law enforcement and defence applications.

Everything you need for a seamless data exchange.

There is a monthly fixed cost for running our Data Delivery Service and a fixed up-front cost for security assessments, training, and onboarding. Additional integration services can be delivered by our team if needed. The license is simply based on a flat rate for the amount of computer resources needed.

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