Providing data delivery support to “good clinics” across Indonesia

Jason Gleason

This month has seen the signing of Eightwire’s MOU with Primeforce Indonesia at the Singapore FinTech Festival. We’re delighted to be engaging in work with a company of such high calibre in the Indonesia region, and our first pilot in Indonesia.

Primeforce Indonesia provides specialised management consulting services as well as information communication technology such as business solutions, system integration, computer applications and information technology services to both private and public sectors.

Primeforce has customers across the medical, telecommunication and travel industries. In the medical sector, Primeforce has relationships with over 40 clinics and a number of hospitals across major cities throughout Indonesia. One of Primeforce’s recent initiatives is “Klinik Bagus” or “good clinic”, which supports primary healthcare clinics operate more efficiently and effectively, and improve customer experience.

Eightwire’s role in the project is to integrate patient data across the clinics to improve their provision of care. This will allow patients that move between clinics to have a consolidated patient record, and enable the use of better analytics. The POC, in partnership with Microsoft,  is likely to start early next month, and will initially facilitate secure data sharing between Primeforce clinics and hospitals.

Mr Yudi, CEO, Primeforce Indonesia commented “Eightwire has proven to be an integral and strategic component to Primeforce’s solution offerings. Specific to Primeforce healthcare offerings; data exchange and governance is highly critical to ensure Indonesia’s healthcare system effectiveness and integrity. This partnership will help accelerate and enhance our solution offerings to bring increased value to our Indonesian clients and beyond.”

In the long term, Klinik Bagus will explore more complex digital initiatives, consolidating hospitals, clinics, communities and pharmacies into an integrated holistic healthcare business platform. Primeforce will leverage the experience Eightwire has developed in the healthcare industry in New Zealand and Australia, and bring these learnings to the Indonesian market.

Primeforce sees the vast potential to work hand in hand with Eightwire on system integration and data delivery to all it’s partners and channels.

Jason Gleason, Group CEO, Eightwire stated “as we grow our presence across the ASEAN region, providing our services to companies such as Primeforce Indonesia demonstrate the breadth of industries that our platform can deliver tangible impact for. We’re excited about working with Primeforce, and exploring new opportunities in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and beyond in the coming months.”

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