Wellington-based data delivery company looks ahead to the next six years

Jason Gleason

Having just celebrated a sixth birthday, and with a business strategy that is strongly focused on the South East Asian market, Eightwire is a company that is truly growing up. The company has come a long way from it’s two founding members dreaming up an automatic data exchange over a curry and a few beers. Now boasting a Wellington and Singapore-based team, the company is still striving to make data delivery as simple and painless as possible, especially for multi-national corporations and Government Agencies.

With this milestone comes the appointment of two new board members. Rob Flannagan joins the Eightwire board as Chairperson, with a wealth of experience in management consulting and leading strategic reviews. Rob is joined by Mike Whitehead (Independent), the founder of Wherescape, one of New Zealand’s few data product companies that has grown to global scale.

Rob and Mike join existing Board members, Jason Gleason (Eightwire CEO) and Darryl Lundy (AngelHQ Investor representative). 

Jason Gleason, CEO and Founder commented “having a board over the last four years has been an incredibly rewarding experience, especially as we grew from a team of three to twelve. Going forward, we need a governance structure that allows us to perform in major markets with highly complex customers. Rob’s background in Financial Services and Michael’s experience in building a global data solution from New Zealand will ensure that Eightwire continues to grow.”

Eightwire continue to gain momentum in the NZ market, with active clients and use cases across government, healthcare and insurance sectors. Their Data Delivery Service, ensures everyday data tasks are simpler, quicker and more flexible for customers and their users.

As Eightwire builds its customer base in Australia and South East Asia, they are increasingly finding that the Eightwire data solution is a natural fit for other data complex industries such as financial services. Complex data networks and compliance-heavy data needs are managed seamlessly by Eightwire, and the product is able to support and leverage existing data infrastructure. 

Gleason adds “our history with the New Zealand government and delivering solutions for Australia and New Zealand’s largest insurer is starting to pay off with accelerating growth in Australia and Southeast Asia. We have a motivated group of partners working with us on the ground to introduce our pragmatic and powerful product into global clients. ” 

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