Data Delivery

Eightwire automates the exchange of information between data systems to accelerate your business performance.

Our enterprise Data Delivery Service (in the cloud or on-premise) is built for multinational corporations and government agencies. Trusted by governments and organisations around the world, we reduce the cost, time and risk of delivering analytics, data integration and collaboration programmes.

How we work with your industry

Financial Services

We power compliance applications for the financial sector


We bring together primary care data from across the healthcare industry


We give multinational insurers a single view of their customers across international borders


We enable governments to have near real-time data interactions with NGOs 

Financial Services

Let us unlock your data potential


We’re your data superhero for flexible data flow


We’ll create a trusted, secure data exchange


So you can become a single data organisation

And we support and leverage your existing data infrastructure by standardising, automating and accelerating your data flow.

Our Partners

Our range of partners include technology partners and commercial partners. Our partners help us deliver our Data Delivery Service to more businesses and often simplify the onboarding process for our customers.

Why Eightwire?​

We deliver your data package in seconds, between any system, across the world.

Our success is driven by how our customers use us. Let's start the journey, and allow your business to operate faster and more securely than before.

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