Let’s face it, cross-enterprise data sharing is frustrating!

It’s really hard to do when every agreement is different, the technology is complex, time is of the essence, and your current tools and methods hold you back.

Our “built-for-business” contract-driven data exchange provides the complete, secure data sharing solution that will make you smile.

Data sharing across enterprises that meets your business and technical needs out-of-the-box.

Cross-enterprise data sharing doesn’t need to be frustrating!

Good things happen when you share data.

But business and technology complexities make this seem impossible.

Eightwire removes the barriers.

Data sharing across enterprises that meets your business and technical needs out-of-the-box.

Eightwire powers cross-enterprise data sharing applications.

Automated Processes

Automates complex, cross-enterprise data exchange processes from negotiation through renewal.

One platform powers all your feeds, processes, tools, and teams.

Scale as needed to ensure highly reliable operations

Team Driven

Data-sharing agreements drive everyone and everything.

Role-based capabilities empower diverse teams, including business analysts, product managers, developers, operators, and security staff.

Complete visibility improves cooperation across internal and

Secure & Controlled

Governance and security built into every step.

Authentication, authorisation, and encryption secure both parties’ proprietary data.

Data privacy and consent controls protect sensitive data.

How You Will Benefit from an Eightwire-powered Data Exchange

Deliver more business impact sooner.

Shorten the time between contractual agreement and implementation, onboard new organisations and feeds faster, and revise and renew contracts apace business change.

Save money via optimized data sharing processes.

Automate more data exchange requirements, create consistency and scale across organisations and feeds, and avoid failure-to-deliver and consent penalties.

Build stronger relationships where everyone wins.

Collaborate professionally within your organisation and across organisational boundaries, act transparently and deliver on your promises, and become easier to do business with.

Why your team will want to get on board

Product Manager

Your Product Managers can deliver your data-enabled products and services faster and reduce delivery and technology risks through automation driven by data-sharing agreements.

Chief Data Officer

Your CDO and data engineering staff can ensure data is exchanged across enterprise boundaries properly, and be changed efficiently when your business needs change.


Your CSO can provide robust security for data feeds beyond simple FTP and manual controls and gain visibility over every feed, so you always know what is going where.

Privacy Lead

Your Data Privacy Leader can ensure you comply with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy legislation, closing the loop between agreements and technical implementation.

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