Become a single
data organisation.

Eightwire allows you to securely link your data systems with any other business in the world, automatically and hassle free.

Eightwire works for any large, complex business or government that relies on data it can’t control


Link together the thousands of teams, practitioners, and departments without changing their systems. Eightwire can deliver digital analytics and transformation while maintaining high privacy and security requirements.

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Provide a single data environment for your company from brokers to overwriters to claims. Allow the machinery of your business to function without forcing change on legacy tools and people.

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Public sector

Eightwire is a supermarket for agencies to provide data to the government. All information across the country is presented in a safe and secure environment that can be accessed as needed.

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Automate the exchange of information between your back end data systems

Our innovative software platform learns from data systems and maps them together.

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We can easily exchange data between hundreds of systems while maintaining high security standards and with no risk.

New Zealand Government

Replacing our enterprise middle ware took 6 weeks to do and gave us a future proof method to improve systems in the future without breaking the past.

AMP Insurance

We integrate with a
range of platforms
and file systems:

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