Industry Solutions

We work closely with a range of sectors that have significant and complex data exchange needs. They are often sectors that rely on data they can’t control.

We accommodate a range of partnership arrangements, from one-off data migration engagements to full reseller data exchange agreements.

Whether you’re a small niche technology business engaged in a range of data migration or integration projects for your customers, or you’re a major technology company assisting hundreds of companies around the globe.

We work with technology partners providing a vital component to your data-driven services, often minimising the thousands of steps required to access, validate and move data. We drastically reduce the time, costs and risk, providing you with an overall competitive advantage.


Government data challenges often revolve around complex data delivery and a daunting number of delivery channels. Eightwire provides a single data environment for the public sector, and ensures citizens have the confidence that their data is secure.

Our Data Delivery Service ensures that near real-time data is delivered across government departments, agencies and external partners such as NGOs, to ensure that the right decisions are being made for its citizens. Data analysis is crucial for funding programmes and ensuring service improvement, especially across the social sector.

The diverse nature of the public sector and the complex decision making they undertake, have traditionally led to manual, time-consuming data analysis. Our Data Delivery Service enables the public sector to provide quicker, data driven services.


In the agriculture sector, farm management software is used by farmers to manage farm operations and finances. At the same time, regulators require farmers to collect and report on environmental plans that often requires the same data residing in management systems.

Eightwire’s ability to deliver permissions-based sector data exchange allows the farms to create a data vault that pulls data from management software for sharing with regulators and other partners. This gives the farmer control of their data and allows regulators to access the environmental data required without adding overheads to the farmer. At the same time, management software has a permissions-based model for data sharing between products that gives the farmer insight into where their data is going.

Financial Services

It can be challenging for banks and financial services companies to fully realise their data potential in the face of such complex financial information. Our Data Delivery Service simplifies data flow between different areas of a bank’s ecosystem. It enables the extraction of crucial data for daily operations and the ability to attract and retain customers.

Increasingly, banks are faced with mounting compliance demands, and daunting levels of reporting and analysis to industry bodies. Our Data Delivery Service ensures that these reporting requirements are set up with minimal effort, and automated to ensure cost effective delivery of mandated data sets.

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Our range of partners include technology partners and commercial partners. Our partners help us deliver our Data Delivery Service to more business and often simplify the onboarding process for our customers.


We deliver your data package in seconds, between any systems, across the world. our success is driven by how our customers use us. Let’s start the journey, and allow your business to operate faster and more securely then before.