We work closely with a range of sectors that have significant and complex data delivery needs. They are often sectors that rely on data they can’t control. 

Industries and their specific challenges

Financial Services

It can be difficult for banks and financial services companies to fully realise their data potential in the face of such complex financial information. Our Data  Delivery Service simplifies the flow of data between different areas of the bank, and enables extraction of key data information by customer facing employees.

Increasingly, banks are faced with mounting compliance demands, and daunting levels of reporting and analysis to industry bodies. Our Data Delivery Service ensures that these reporting requirements are set up with minimal effort, and automated to ensure cost effective delivery of mandated data sets.


Eightwire’s built in simplicity and security features have enabled it to grow quickly in the healthcare sector. Key use cases in healthcare include primary care analytics, compliance reporting between agencies and providers, and secure data exchange between NGOs and agencies.

The benefit in sharing data between thousands of healthcare professionals is obvious, whether you’re a GP, specialist, hospital department or healthcare funder. And patient data is always top of mind – Eightwire’s Data Delivery Service delivers digital transformation and data insights while always maintaining strict privacy and security requirements.

So, no matter what part you play in a patient’s healthcare journey, you’ll benefit from quick, secure information exchange. Without adding further reporting demands to the workload of busy healthcare professionals.


The trusted, secure information flow that Eightwire creates, works well in the insurance sector. Avoiding the need to force change on legacy tools and people, our Data Delivery Service allows brokers, overwriters and the claims team to share data quickly and simply.

Insurance companies often struggle with the demands of legacy technology. Our Data Delivery Service allows multinational insurers to remove these legacy challenges, reduce costs and risks and improve their customer service delivery.

Near real-time data delivery and the ease of access to information for insurance professionals enables simple process improvements.


Government data challenges often revolve around complex data delivery and a daunting number of delivery channels. Eightwire provides a single data environment for the public sector, and ensures citizens have the confidence that their data is secure.

Our Data Delivery Service ensures that near real-time data is delivered across government departments, agencies and external partners such as NGOs, to ensure that the right decisions are being made for its citizens. Data analysis is crucial for funding programmes and ensuring service improvement, especially across the social sector.

The diverse nature of the public sector and the complex decision making they undertake, have traditionally led to manual, time-consuming data analysis. Our Data Delivery Service enables the public sector to provide quicker, data driven services.

Our Partners

Our range of partners include technology partners and commercial partners. Our partners help us deliver our Data Delivery Service to more businesses and often simplify the onboarding process for our customers.

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