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Our range of partners include technology partners and commercial partners. Our partners help us deliver our Data Delivery Service to more businesses and often simplify the onboarding process for our customers.

SYPAC (Technology Partner)

SYPAQ Systems is an innovative engineering and systems integration company, committed to creating a world that works. They help people, societies and enterprises everywhere to be more productive, more prosperous, more secure, and more sustainable. SYPAQ works with the public and private sector throughout Australia and Asia.

The partnership between SYPAQ and Eightwire, offers the proven ability to service international scale analytics and collaboration projects with government agencies, insurers, and healthcare providers to the Australian and South East Asian market. SYPAQ is excited to further explore how this may offer a solution that is quick to pilot and thus enables rapid realisation of the benefits of being able to extract previously hidden or untapped information from linked data sources.

Synergia (Technology Partner)

Synergia is a leading Australasian analytics, consulting and evaluation group, with two decades’ of experience in health, social services and the public sector. As a leading consultancy who design and develop high performing health and social service networks, Synergia has a track record in building sustainable solutions that work, especially in complex systems involving multiple services, organisations and professional groups.

The partnership between Eightwire and Synergia was a natural one. The Synergia Performance Platform combined with the Eightwire Data Delivery Service, gives Primary Health Networks and Corporate Health organisations the ability to compare the performance of a group of practices and allowing individual practices to create dynamic clustering, view change over time and benchmark single practices against a group, delivering high value analytics rapidly with flexibility.

New Zealand Government: Social Investment Agency (Commercial Partner)

Eightwire Ltd, in partnership with The Social Investment Agency (SIA), is leading the implementation of the Data Delivery Service and transforming the way New Zealand's social sector data is shared.

The Eightwire Data Delivery Service provides a safe, secure and easy method for government and service providers to exchange data, alongside clear guidelines about how data is used. Using the Data Delivery Service means evidence based social support decisions can be made in near real time, creating better results and enhancing people’s lives.

Together, Eightwire and SIA have delivered the Data Delivery Service, a consolidated data model and have expanded use cases to include health care, financials and auditing data.

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Eliminating legacy barriers to digital transformation

CASE STUDY Client Snapshot: Founded 170 years ago, AMP is a leading wealth management company that Australians and New Zealanders know best for superannuation, life insurance, investment, and advice. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, the company’s reach spans the globe with operations in 11 countries. The Problem AMP undertook a digital transformation of its CRM and analytics capabilities – yet a dependency on legacy

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Financial Services
Data Sheet

Accelerating compliance in the financial services sector

DATA SHEET The financial services industry faces many challenges to fully realise their data delivery potential in the face of managing complex financial information. Eightwire automates the exchange of information between business systems We know that using data to meet regulatory requirements and improve business performance creates a major challenge. Working across geographic borders, meeting security and privacy requirements while reducing capital

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Case Study

Primary healthcare provider demonstrates that data transfer can be transparent and trusted

CASE STUDY Client Snapshot: Pinnacle Incorporated is the parent in a group of specialist primary healthcare organisations, including Pinnacle Midlands Health Network and Ventures. The Pinnacle network has over 85 general medical practice teams across the midlands region of the North Island, New Zealand. Pinnacle’s focus is the provision of thriving primary and community healthcare

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Case Study

Streamlining the delivery of sensitive personal information for patient benefit

CASE STUDY Client Snapshot: The Western NSW PHN is one of 31 Primary Health Networks established by the Australian Government to support frontline health services. With a focus on increasing the effectiveness of primary healthcare, the Western NSW PHN has over 100 general practices, covering more than 430k square kilometres and servicing more than 300k

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Data Sheet

How Eightwire works with primary healthcare

DATA SHEET Link together thousands of teams, practitioners, and departments without changing systems. Eightwire can deliver data for consolidated analytics and interoperability while maintaining the highest privacy and security requirements. Automating the exchange of information between data systems Given timely access to data across the sector, healthcare providers can lead major improvements in patient management.

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USB transfer

How our Data Delivery Service stacks up

Our clients usually get Eightwire on board to automate an existing manual data transfer process, adopt a more secure approach for exchanging data, or implement a more proactive approach to risk and compliance. Here’s an overview of how our Data Delivery Service stacks up against traditional file transfer methods such as Secure FTP or Secure

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We integrate with a range of platforms and file systems:

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