Share data between thousands of healthcare professionals

Link together the thousands of teams, practitioners, and departments without changing their systems. Eightwire can deliver digital analytics and transformation while maintaining high privacy and security requirements.

Allow patient data to flow through a system of independent parts seamlessly

A major challenge faced by healthcare industry is exchanging personal information between hundreds of departments, specialists, and networks.

Eightwire allows every provider in the health care journey to securely exchange information with other providers without compromising privacy or security.

Eightwire acts as robotic file cart moving information between the thousands of desks that are needed to run a national health care system.

Most importantly, all of this is done without pushing additional overheads to busy health care professionals.

Key benefits to the healthcare industry


Connect to primary, secondary and tertiary care data systems, to analytics platforms, for improved outcome analysis.

Wide reach

Reach out into homes community care and pharmaceuticals for additional monitoring as needed.


Synchronise the types of care to provide a single channel of care for the patient.

Safety and security

Deliver and transform your data exchange, whilst maintaining high privacy and security requirements.

Our customers are using Eightwire to transform their data exchange

Rapid ground-to-cloud business intelligence

As a rapidly growing company Tuatara needed a business intelligence solution to measure and manage products and financial data. Read more

April 2016

On-premises and cloud data integration within hours

Resene had seen an opportunity to build a cloudbased application to assist their customers with generating estimates of paint volumes and other consumables needed for projects. Read more

October 2016

For the healthcare sector, Eightwire (and its secure Data Exchange), has the potential to become a critical tool that will enable the secure and timely exchange of sensitive patient information between healthcare providers.

New Zealand Ministry of Health

Replacing our enterprise middle ware took 6 weeks to do and gave us a future proof method to improve systems in the future without breaking the past.

AMP Insurance

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