Why Eightwire?

We make sense of data that you can’t control

Eightwire allows customers to securely link their data systems together from anywhere in the world. We provide a proven, secure and private delivery service that works out of the box. Most importantly, all the hard work is automated for you, so you can deliver data intensive applications faster than before.

Case Studies & Data Sheets

Case Study

Western NSW Primary Health Network (Australia) needed to replace a difficult and expensive process they had used to move data in the past. They needed an automated data delivery service for providing better analytics while still meeting high security and privacy specifications.

Data Sheet

New Zealand’s Social Investment Agency works across the social sector in partnership with Eightwire to enable the secure sharing of data across government agencies and between NGOs.

Case Study

Resene had seen an opportunity to build a cloudbased application to assist their customers with generating estimates of paint volumes and other consumables needed for projects.

Blog Posts

USB transfer

How our Data Delivery Service stacks up

Our clients usually get Eightwire on board to automate an existing manual data transfer process, adopt a more secure approach for exchanging data, or implement a more proactive approach to risk and compliance. Here’s an overview of how our Data Delivery Service stacks up against traditional file transfer methods such as Secure FTP or Secure

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Where AI, privacy and security collide

EPIC is an ICT innovation partnership between Europe, Singapore, Australia and NZ. Their April 2019 event in Singapore outlined the challenges and solutions that lie ahead, at the intersection of AI, privacy and security. I was invited to present on privacy, security and AI – all of which are at the heart of what we

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Find Out More About Us

Eightwire was founded in 2013 by two Business Intelligence consultants to completely change the customer experience of data delivery.  What started as an idea to remove the barriers that exist in loading data into a database has grown into a platform that allows hundreds of silos to all work as one.

Our Partners

Our range of partners include technology partners and commercial partners. Our partners help us deliver our Data Exchange to more businesses and often simplify the onboarding process for our customers.

We integrate with a range of platforms and file systems:

Product Features Our Customers Love


Useful for organisations needing to regularly upload data from a CSV file or Excel spreadsheet, simply drag-and-drop this, rather than installing Agent software. Perfect for users that need to load lots of files and spreadsheets into their databases. With Eightwire’s reactive error handling and automated exchange, a manual error prone process has been reduced to a few seconds. For customers that want to remove their dependency on spreadsheets, but cannot bring external parties around, this is a great way to introduce improvements across the organisation.

Secure FTP Connector

Many of our customers rely on Secure File Transfer (SFTP) to move data from one place to another. The Eightwire Data Exchange integrate with these systems, and allows data repositories to form one or both ends of the ‘smart pipe’ through the Data Exchange, supporting Excel and CSV file formats. Great news for our customers that are using Eightwire to manage data feeds while still maintaining a mature SFTP gateway.

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